Sandrina Lindgren

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Olympic Shames

Concept and direction: Sandrina Lindgren
Performance: Annastiina Saastamoinen, Linda Björkqvist and Sandrina Lindgren
Choreography: Sandrina Lindgren, Annastiina Saastamoinen and Linda Björkqvist
Music: Marja Ahti
Light: Pauli Juho Antero Niemelä
Directors assistant: Liana Potila
Production: Barker-theatre and Sandrina Lindgren

Parts of the process took place in residency at Dansateliers in Rotterdam and at Nykytaidetila Kutomo in Turku.

In the Olympics of ancient Greece the competitions focused on fighting and running, skills that were useful for warriors of the ancient time. Still today, sport events focus on the skills that we find useful and admirable. But what skills are that, and why? The Olympic Shames is a physical theatre performance and a spectacle for an unheroic era, containing embarrassing duels and empathic winners. Through sports, ceremonies and dance, and with the help of Aidos - the goddess of shame, we celebrate the losers, the vulnerable and the shameful. 

As a part of the creative process stories about experiences shame have been collected from people from Sweden and Finland. Some of the stories where presented as scenes in the show. Koivula1 rezs.jpg Koivula2resz.jpg Koivula6 resz.jpg