Sandrina Lindgren

built with Indexhibit

2017 -> ongoing

Concept and development: Sandrina Lindgren
Music: Antti Tolvi

The following people have contributed to various parts of the project:

Oona Leino - visual artist, Pia Bartsch - costume designer, community artist, Jussi Virkkumaa - photographer, film maker, Ville Kurki - dramaturg, Riikka Kosola - choreographer, Jarkko Forsman - lighting designer, Linda Björkqvist - dancer, Annastiina Saastamoinen - dancer, Ville Oinonen - dancer, Myrsky Rönkä - circus artist, dancer, Jouni Järvenpää - dancer, chreographer, Fanny Ambjörnsson - social anthropologist, Kendra Wilson - researcher, translator, Maria Laitila - performing artist, Johanna Latvala - puppeteer, scenographer

Main producer is Grus Grus Teatteri, collaborating producers in connection to specific events have been Ehkä Tuotanto, Barker Teatteri, Turku Dansart ry, Läntinen Tanssin Aluekeskus.

Household Dance Protocol/ Hushållets Dansprotokoll/ Huushollin Tanssiprotokolla (HDP) is an artistic and interactive project that investigates the relation between dance and household work. The projects activities forms a playground that can inspire its participants to explore household work and its relation to dancing. By doing this we hope to awaken reflections on the status of physical labour and on the use of body in every day life.

Between 2017 and 2019 HDP has realized:

-household workshops
-an interactive sound installation
-talks and meetings

From 2020 HDP offers the workshops "Vacuum cleaner Yoga" and "Dish'o Dance" for order. Leinovirtanen poster web.jpg
workshop poster resz_v2.jpg
dance exercise copy.jpg
Dish'o Dances rezs.jpg
bread baking exercise Lindgren HDP pic 4 resz.png
Podcast: Meditation with a vacuum cleaner workshop resz.png
vacuum cleaner yoga, Stretch 2019 Shot 2019-03-25 at 6_55_21 PM.png
Requiem for Vacuum Cleaning, 2020
Kimito Electrolux Choir, 2020
Requiem for Vacuum Cleaning Shot 2018-04-25 at 11_47_35 PM resz.png
Headphone installation, New Performance Turku 2018 mothers resz.png
Mothers in household uniforms, 2018 pic resz copy.jpg
Improvised performance, Jan 2018