Shadow Cabinett / Yöväenteatteri

Shadow Cabinet / Yöväenteatteri was a site specific performance made in Mynämäki, Finland in together with a group of ex-Karelian people ("evakkot" in finnish). By using urban animation and shadow puppetry Livsmedlet created a performative juxtapostion between the Karelians who have lost their homes during the Finnish-Russian wars and the refugees arriving nowadays to Finland in 2016. By the performance we wished to extend the national memory – and compassion from the past to the present. The show was performed in an old paper shop in the centre of Mynämäki.

The project was produced as a collaboration between Livsmedlet theatre and Kone foundation’s Saari residence and comissioned for Vastan+Otto - triennial of community arts/Yhteisötaiteen triennaali.

link to the performance registration:

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