My name is Sandrina Lindgren, I am born in Sweden and have a BA from the modern dance department of the Amsterdam School of The Arts from 2010. I have also studied, among other things, choreography at The School For New Dance Development in Amsterdam and theater with Clipa Visual Theatre in Tel Aviv.

I am currently working as a dance artist, dancer, choreographer and performer as well as theater maker and director in Turku in Finland. I am active in a variety of different spaces and genres of art such as dance, physical and visual theater, socially engaged art and site specific art.

In the core of all my work is a curiosity for storytelling and communicating with and about the body. I am especially interested in the meaning and the possible use of the body in modern society and the body's ability to involve in play and spontaneous movement.

I regularly study and make use of a variety of dance and somatic movement techniques such as dance improvisation, contemporary dance, ballet, body weather, Qi gong, body mind centering, alexander technique, children’s play, twerking and bread baking.

In 2012 I founded the visual theater duo Livsmedlet together with puppeteer Ishmael Falke. Livsmedlet makes theater with a strong visual focus intended for international touring.

I am also one of the core members of the multidisciplinary theater group Grus Grus Theater.